List of papers

No. authors title
1 Miluse Viteckova, Antonin Vitecek 2DOF PID controller tuning for integrating plants
2 Piotr Suliga A feature analysis of a laser triangulation stand used to acquire a 3D screw thread image
3 Vojtech Veselý A new method to robust controller design
4 Piotr Lichota, Daniel Agudelo Noreña A Priori Model Inclusion 
In The Multisine Maneuver Design
5 Matúš Rebro, Marián Tárník, Ján Murgaš A simulation study on adaptive control design performance for T1DM via individualized model
6 Crescenzo Pepe, Silvia Maria Zanoli A two-layer Model Predictive Control system with adaptation to variables status values
7 Pavol Liščinský Actuator Fault Estimation Technique Based on a Discrete-Time Observer Structure
8 Miroslav Kover-Dorco and Ivo Petras An effective algorithm for implementation of nonlinear fractional-order controller on PLC automata
9 Krzysztof Pytel, Wiktor Hudy, Henryk Noga, Wojciech Kulinowski An influence of selected conditions on the production of energy in photovoltaic panels based on correlation coefficients
10 Alexandru Archip, Nicolae Botezatu, Elena Serban, Paul-Corneliu Herghelegiu, Andrei Zalay An IoT Based System for Remote Patient Monitoring
11 Bogdan Popa, Dan Popescu Analysis of algorithms for shortest path problem in parallel
12 Gábor Csorvási, István Vajk Analysis of an On-Line Minimum-Time Velocity Optimization Algorithm
13 Martin Vojíř, Leoš Beran Angular Displacement Determination Of an Iron Board For The Cutting Plan Correction
14 Karla Sladká, Marek Babiuch Application of Control Algorithms in .NET Micro Framework Technology
15 Tomasz Grzejszczak, Adrian Łe ̨gowski, Michał Niezabitowski Application of hand detection algorithm in robot control
16 Miroslav Pawlenka, Miroslav Mahdal Application of Kalman Filter for High Rotational Speed Measurement
17 Armands Kviesis, Aleksejs Zacepins Application of Neural Networks for Honey Bee Colony State Identification
18 Mariusz Nowak, Andrzej Urbaniak Application of predictive control algorithms for thermal comfort and energy saving in the classroom
19 Jana Pócsová, Andrea Mojžišová and Michal Takáč Application of the visualization techniques in engineering education
20 Milan Papež Approximate Bayesian Inference Methods for Mixture Filtering with Known Model of Switching
21 Frank E. Schneider, Dennis Wildermuth Assessing the Search and Rescue Domain as an Applied and Realistic Benchmark for Robotic Systems
22 Lucia Ivaničová, Milan Labaš, Edita Lazarová, Katarína Feriančiková, Mária Kruľáková, Víťazoslav Krúpa Assessment of Rock Drillability Prediction in Hard Rock Tunnel Boring by TBM
23 Víťazoslav Krúpa, Edita Lazarová, Lucia Ivaničová, Mária Kruľáková, Katarína Feriančiková, Milan Labaš Assessment of Wear of Diamond Core Drilling Bits
24 Dušan Teichmann, Michal Dorda Assignment of Vehicles to Transport Routes under Uncertainty
25 Mihai Lungu, Romulus Lungu, Mihai Ioan Automatic Control of the Satellites’ Attitude and Stored Energy using Inertial Wheels
26 Andrea Mojžišová, Jana Pócsová, Tomáš Škovránek Automatic Test Generator
27 Aleksejs Zacepins, Armands Kviesis, Uwe Richter, Peter Ahrendt, Saban Tekin, Mahmut Durgun Beekeeping in the future – smart apiary management
28 Grzegorz Hayduk, Paweł Kwasnowski, Zbigniew Mikoś Building Management System architecture for large building automation systems
29 Radek Štohl, Karel Stibor Cascading safety relays compared to using a network solution
30 Dinu Patelli Case Study of an Electromagnetic Actuator
31 Ján Tóth, Ľuboš Ovseník, Ján Turán Challenges in Modern Wireless Optical Communication Systems - Free Space Optics
32 Jan Lastinec, Ladislav Hudec Comparative Analysis of TCP/IP Security Protocols for Use in Vehicle Communication
33 Leander Behre, Theo van Niekerk, Paolo Mercorelli, Nils Werner Conception of an indirectly controlled servo valve for IC engine valve position control
34 Kanstantsin Miatliuk Conceptual Model for design and control of MCM cutting machine
35 Roman Czyba, Michał Niezabitowski, Szymon Sikora Construction of laboratory stand and regulation in ABS car system
36 Cătălin Constantin Cerbulescu, Claudia Monica Cerbulescu Content tracking for Internet data sources
37 Vladimir Rašvan, Eugen Bobasu, Daniela Danciu, Dan Popescu Control and stabilization of a linearized system of conservation laws
38 Mihai Lungu, Romulus Lungu, Dragoş Tutunea Control of Aircraft Landing using the Dynamic Inversion and the H-inf Control
39 Andrzej Milecki, Jarosław Ortmann Control of Electrohydraulic Drive with Valve Having Two Stepping Motors
40 Antonin Vitecek, Miluse Viteckova Control of Mechanical Systems with Uncertainties
41 Jan Mimránek, Pavel Smutný Control of Robotic Ball Using Mobile Device
42 Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Janusz Kowal, Kamil Zajac Control of the 2S1 tracked vehicle suspension system based on sky-hook strategy and Kalman filter
43 Ján Babjak, Petr NovÁk, Tomáš Kot, Wojciech Moczulski, Marek Adamczyk, Wawrzyniec Panfil Control System of a Mobile Robot for Coal Mines
44 Justyna Czaczkowska, Miroslaw Kondratiuk, Ewa Pawłuszewicz Control System with Adaptive Nonuniform Sampling Switch Algorithms
45 Artur Babiarz Controllability and observability of discrete time-varying fractional systems with delays
46 Bartosz Binias, Roman Czyba, Tomasz Grzejszczak, Wojciech Janusz, Adrian Ł˛egowski, Michał Niezabitowski Controllability of positive discrete time-varying fractional systems with constant delay
47 Jerzy Klamka, Adam Czornik Controllability problem of positive discrete fractional systems with constant delay
48 Nicolae Patrascoiu, Ioana Camelia Barbu Data logger Built using the MS8050 Bench Multimeter and Virtual Instrumentation
49 Farhad Sahami, Metin U. Salamci Decentralized Model Reference Adaptive Control Design for Nonlinear Systems; Application to Cancer Treatment
50 Radim Hýl, Renata Wagnerová Design and Implementation of Cascade Control Structure for Superheated Steam Temperature Control
51 Radim Hýl, Renata Wagnerová Design and Realization of Embedded Model Predictive Controller with Software Support
52 Hamza Kamişli, Bülent Özkan and Metin U. Salamci Design of a Cascaded Control System for an Electromechanically-Actuated Launcher to Reduce the Thrust Effect
53 Wojciech J. Kostowski, Pawel Bargiel, Adam Klimanek, Krzysztof Górny Design of a thermoelectric generator for micro-scale island mode power supply of natural gas infrastructure objects
54 Pavel Smutný Different Perspectives on Classification of the Internet of Things
55 Andrzej Kot, Agata Nawrocka Double Inverted Pendulum for Human Hip Strategy of Balance Modelling
56 Hamza Kamişli, Metin U. Salamci and Bülent Özkan Dynamic Modeling of an Electromechanically-Actuated Launcher
57 Bartosz Binias, Henryk Palus and Michał Niezabitowski Elimination of Bioelectrical Source Overlapping Effects from the EEG Measurements
58 Roland Bartók, Márton L. Kiss, József Vásárhelyi, Szilveszter Kovács, Ahmed Bouzid Embedded behavioral model implementation
59 Krzysztof Pytel, Wiktor Hudy, Henryk Noga, Wojciech Kulinowski Energy performance of photovoltaic panels due to phenomena of urban air pollution disposal
60 Oliwia Krauze, Marek Pawełczyk Estimating Parameters of Loose Material Stream Using Vibration Measurements
61 Bartosz Binias, Dariusz Myszor, Michał Niezabitowski, Krzysztof A. Cyran Evaluation of Alertness and Mental Fatigue among Participants of Simulated Flight Sessions
62 Marcela Pavlíčková, Gabriela Bogdanovská Evaluation of inking quality in plastics molding by Six Sigma method
63 Paweł Drag, Krystyn Styczeń Evaluation of the solution quality for control of the nonlinear descriptor processes
64 Krzysztof Hryniów, Konrad Andrzej Markowski Experimental evaluation of upper bounds of reachability index for set of solutions of 2-D positive system
65 Michal Kašpárek, Martin Černík Experimental verification of an Electromagnetic Shunt Damping circuit parameters producing an anechoic surface inside an acoustic tube
66 Paweł Kasprowski, Katarzyna Harezlak, Michał Niezabitowski Eye Movement Tracking as a New Promising Modality for Human Computer Interaction
67 Andrzej Koszewnik, Tomasz Nartowicz, Ewa Pawłuszewicz Fractional order controller to control pump in FESTO MPS® PA Compact Workstation
68 Emmanuel A. Gonzalez, Ivo Petráš Fractional-Order Models in Motor Polarization Index Measurements
69 Ivo Petráš Fractional-Order Nonlinear Controllers: Design and Implementation Notes
70 József Konyha Grid-based wide area water quality measurement system for surface water
71 Gabriela Bogdanovská, Marcela Pavlíčková Hazard and Operability Study
72 Marek Zak, Jaroslav Rozman, Frantisek V. Zboril Hexapod Robot: Test Platform for Bio-Inspired Controllers
73 Radim Luža, František Zbořil, Martin Drahanský High-level control of RUDA - the robot for rescuing people in debris and under avalanches
74 Bartosz Minorowicz, Frederik Stefanski, Dariusz Sedziak Hysteresis modeling and position control of actuator with magnetic shape memory alloy
75 Patrik Urban, Lenka Landryová Identification and Evaluation of Alarm Logs from the Alarm Management System
76 Zdeněk Bouček, Miroslav Flídr Impact of multiple accelerometer IMU employment on the orientation estimate quality
77 Ahmed Bouzid, József Vásárhelyi, Roland Bartók, Rabah Sadoun, János Végh Implementation of INS/MAG/GNSS hybridisation technique for pose determination based on SoC and low cost sensors
78 George Călugăru, Elena-Andreea Dănişor Improved Aircraft Attitude Control Using Generalized Predictive Control Method
79 Leoš Beran, Martin Diblík Indirect Torque Measurement Using Industrial Vector Control Frequency Converter
80 Richard Schreiber Induction motor vibration diagnostics with the use of stator current analysis
81 Oldrich Kodym, Michal Sedlacek, Libor Kavka Information Support for Logistic Modelling
82 Bülent Özkan Investigation of the Usefulness of the Linear Homing Guidance Law for the Motion Planning of Mechatronic Systems
83 Wojciech Janusz, Michał Niezabitowski Joint state and parameter estimation of quadrotor based on extended Kalman filter and complementary filter
84 Vladena Baranová, Lenka Landryová, Jozef Futó Key indicators for the creation of the TBM technology process model
85 Cătălin Constantin Cerbulescu, Claudia Monica Cerbulescu Large Data Management in IOT applications
86 Ivo Formánek, Radim Farana Load Torque Impact on Interstand Section Control of Continual Rolling Mills
87 Blas M. Vinagre, Inés Tejado, Miguel Romero, Dominik Sierociuk Loop Transfer Recovery for Fractional Order Control Systems. First Results
88 Jozef Duda Lyapunov Matrices Approach to the Parametric Optimization of a Time Delay System with a PD Controller
89 Setyamartana Parman Maneuvering the Attitude of Precise-Oriented Flexible Satellite Using Input Shaper in Small Transient Structural Deflection
90 Henryk Rusinowski, Marcin Plis Mathematical model of a steam turbine for the thermal diagnostics system
91 Václav Záda, Květoslav Belda Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Robots Based on Hamiltonian Mechanics
92 Constantin Marin, Dan Popescu, Emil Petre, Dan Selișteanu Mathematical Modelling of Systems with State Dependent Delays. Applications for Conveyer Belt Plants
93 Ján Terpák, Pavel Horovčák, Matej Lukáč Mathematical models creation using orchestration and choreography of web services
94 Tomas Skovranek, Andrea Mojzisova and Jana Pocsova MATLAB: The Ultimate Tool for Teaching Process Control Oriented Courses
95 Miloš Šeda, Pavel Šeda Minimised Weighted Covering of Service Networks
96 Josef Černohorský, Miroslav Novák Mobile robot indoor navigation
97 Taner Ertuğrul, Mehmet Arif Adli, Metin U. Salamci Model Reference Adaptive Control Design For Helicopters Using Gain Scheduled Reference Models
98 Ildikó Bölkény, Viktor Füvesi Modeling and Detection of Gas Hydrate Appearance
99 Jolana Skutova, Jan Sikora Modeling of event-driven model of production line
100 Karol Kostúr Modeling of flowing underground waters and leakage of syngas from Underground Coal Gasification
101 Dariusz Sedziak, Bartosz Minorowicz, Frederik Stefanski, Roman Regulski Modelling and investigations of piezobender used in control of electrohydraulic servovalve
102 Marcin Plis, Henryk Rusinowski Modelling and simulation of the effect of ambient parameters on the performance of a combined cycle gas turbine power plant
103 Haoran Zhao, Liyan Qiao, Yangquan Chen Modulated Wideband Convertor for α-Bandlimited Signals in Fractional Fourier Domain
104 Tomas Sysala, Martin Pospichal, Petr Neumann Monitoring and Control System for a Smart Family House Controlled via Programmable Controller
105 Alicja Bałut, Andrzej Urbaniak Monitoring System as a Tools for Risk Evaluation in Water Distribution Systems
106 Jirří Horák, Igor Ivan, Michala Drozdová, Bronislava Horáková, Petr Bala Multidimensional Database for Crime Prevention
107 Agata Nawrocka, Marcin Nawrocki, Andrzej Kot Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Objects
108 Dominik Sierociuk, Michal Macias New recursive approximation of fractional order derivative and its application to control
109 Nguyen Van Dong Hai, Mircea Ivanescu, Mircea Nitulescu Observer-based Controller for Balancing Robot with Uncertain Model
110 Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová On Enhanced Mixed H2/H∞ Design Conditions for Control of Linear Time-invariant Systems
111 Evgenij Barabanov, Aliaksei Vaidzelevich, Adam Czornik, Michal Niezabitowski On the influence of the exponentially decaying perturbations of matrices coefficients on the Lyapunov exponents of the discrete time-varying linear system
112 Anna Filasová, Dušan Krokavec One Approach to Cascade Framework Design within Control Structure Reconfiguration in Faulty Systems
113 Martin Jurek, Jaromír Škuta Open-Source Smart Home Modules
114 Lubomir Slavik, Jakub Rosicky, Miroslav Novak Optimization of magnetic circuit in electromagnetic flow meter
115 Jan Čejka, Josef Černohorský Optimization of robotic workplaces
116 Adrian Łe ̨gowski, Michał Niezabitowski, Tomasz Grzejszczak Orientational path planning for 6R robot
117 Calin Constantinov, Cosmin M. Poteras, Mihai L. Mocanu Performing real-time social recommendations on a highly-available graph database cluster
118 Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová, Pavol Liščinský PI Fuzzy Virtual Actuator Design for Takagi-Sugeno Systems
119 Petr Dolezel, Lumir Gago Piecewise Linear Neural Network for Process Control in Industrial Environment
120 Kazimierz Dzierżek Programming GE Intelligent Platform PLC controllers operating in a network
121 Bogdan Walek, Oldrich Hosek, Radim Farana Proposal of Expert System for Hotel Booking System
122 G. Serdar Tombul Real Time Control of a Fin Loading System
123 Pavel Tomasek Reconstruction of Permittivity of Unknown Materials in Free Space
124 Wiktor Malesza, Dominik Sierociuk Recursive variable type and order difference, its definition and basic properties
125 Artur Babiarz, Adam Czornik, Michał Niezabitowski Relations between general exponents of discrete time-varying linear system
126 Petr NovÁk, Ján Babjak, Tomáš Kot Safety Ambient Monitor for Firefighters
127 David Fojtík, Petr Podešva, Miroslav Mahdal, Milan Mihola Scanning of Trucks to Produce 3D models for Analysis of Timber Loads
128 Tomáš Ivaniga, Ľuboš Ovseník, Ján Turán Simulation and Measurement on the Physical Model of TUKE Campus Optical Network
129 Bogdan Sapiński Simulation of an MR squeeze-mode damper for an automotive engine mount
130 David Fojtík, Jiří Horák, David Kocich, Lucie Orlíková, Tomáš Inspektor Smart Geocoding of Objects
131 Štěpán Dalecký, Petra Snášelová, Radim Luža, Marek Žák, Jaroslav Rozman SmartMowers as a Part of a SmartCity
132 Vlastimil Šetka, Milan Štetina Software Tools for Embedded Reconfigurable Control Algorithm Code Generation
133 Hana Vašková, Karel Kolomazník Spectroscopic measurement of trivalent and hexavalent chromium
134 Orçun Biçer, Metin U. Salamci, Fettah Kodalak State Dependent Riccati Equation Based Sliding Mode Control For Nonlinear Systems With Mismatched Uncertainities
135 Beáta Stehlíková, Milan Durdán Statistical verification of the repeatability regimes at model of the bell furnace
136 Jerzy Klamka, Adam Czornik Stochastic controllability of linear systems with delay in control
137 Semiha Turkay and Huseyin Akcay Stochastic Models for Parallel Road Tracks
138 Petr Olivka, Milan Mihola, Petr Novák, Tomáš Kot, Ján Babjak The 3D Laser Range Finder Design for the Navigation and Mapping for the Coal Mine Robot
139 Richard Schreiber, Petr Fuchs, Ivan Jaksch The application of various current-sensing devices for induction motor fault diagnostics
140 Nurdan Bilgin, M. Kemal Özgoren The Balance Keeping Control for Humanoid Robots by Using Model Predictive Control
141 Wojciech Janusz, Michał Niezabitowski, Justyna Orwat and Paweł Sikora The concept of combined measurements of the Gliwice Radio Tower deflection in relation to the speed and direction of the wind with use of quadrotor
142 Jan Gebauer, David Fojtík, Petr Podešva The developement of The High speed current sensing system
143 Silvia Maria Zanoli, Crescenzo Pepe The importance of cooperation and consistency in two-layer Model Predictive Control
144 Petr Podešva, David Fojtík The method for align and calibration of 2D laser scanning system
145 Andrzej Koszewnik The Optimal Vibration Control of the Plate Structure by using piezo-actuators
146 Daniel Kajzr, Martin Diblík, Leoš Beran, Lukáš Hubka The Possibilities For Design And Implementation Of Multivariable Control For a Level Control In a Double Tank Process.
147 Diana Ráškayová, Marek Laciak The using of thermodynamic model for the optimal setting of input parameters in the UCG process
148 Matej Lukáč, Ján Terpák, Pavel Horovčák The utilization of the service oriented architecture for creating the model of cooling the material
149 Marek Laciak, Ján Kačúr, Karol Kostúr The verification of thermodynamic model for UCG process
150 Igor Podlubny, Ivo Petráš, Tomas Skovranek and Ján Terpák Toolboxes and programs for fractional-order system identification, modeling, simulation, and control
151 Paolo Mercorelli, Oleg Sergiyenko Trajectories Optimisation for Electrical Vehicles Driven by a Three-Phase Synchronous Motor
152 Jiří Holík, Michal Dorda, Dušan Teichmann, Vojtěch Graf Universal simulation model for unsignalized intersection capacity analysis
153 Erika Fecková Škrabul’áková, Monika Ivanová, Eva Michaeli Usage of clustering methods in mathematics, geoinformatics and related fields of university study
154 Jiří Czebe, Jaromír Škuta Usage of single-chip computers for data collection and control
155 Jan Grepl, Lenka Landryová Using laser scanners
156 Jiří Tůma, Pavel Šuránek, Petr Ferfecki, Miroslav Mahdal, Renata Wagnerová Vibration damping of simply supported and fixed beams with the use of piezoactuators
157 Tomáš Kot, Petr Novák, Jan Babjak Visualization of Point Clouds Built From 3D Scanning in Coal Mines