Prof. Ing. Anton Čižmár, CSc.
(full professor)

Park Komenského 13, 041 20 Košice
tel.: ++421 55 602 20 10
fax: ++421 55 632 39 89


Anton Čižmár, was born in Michalovce, Slovakia in 1956. He is a graduate of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in 1980, at the Department of Telecommunications. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Radioelectronics from the Technical University of Košice in 1986, where he works as a Full Professor at he Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications.

During a career he has been in the position of the dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics and currently he is in the position of vice-rector of the university responsible for IT area.

· Slovak Technical university in Bratislava (MSc.) 1980
· Technical university of Kosice (Ph.D.) 1986
· Technical university of Kosice (Assoc.Prof.) 1990
· Technical university of Kosice (Full Professor) 1999

Chief and project manager of the EU projects in Slovakia:
· COST 278 - Spoken Language Interaction in Telecommunication, 2000 - 
· COST 249 - Continuous Speech Recognition over the telephone, 1994-2000
· COPERNICUS 587 - ISMAN - Integrated Services Metropolitan Area Networks, 1996-1998
· COPERNICUS - PL 96 1114 MOCOMTEL - Mobile Computing for Telematic Services, 1998-2000
· Leonardo da Vinci JOINT - Joint International Training Module on Communications Technologies, 1998-2000

Co-leader of the EU projets:
· Leonardo da Vinci TELEHUMAN - Human Resourses Support for Managing Modern Telecommunications Networks, 1998-2000
· Leonardo da Vinci DEPSIS - Distance Education Programme for Staff Responsible for IS Sector Support in Companies, 1999-2000

"Doctor honoris causa" at University of Oradea, Romania, 1998

Patent No. 254 932 - Electronic system for Speech Recognition

Scientific orientation:
· Telecommunication Management
· Project Management
· Broadband Information and Telecommunication Technologies
· Multimedia Systems
· Telecommunications Networks and Services
· Speech processing, coding and recognition
· Coding and Modulation techniques

Aplications in Practise:
· The first ATM videoconferency in Slovakia and central Europe
· Common Experimental and training segment at FEI TU Kosice with Slovak Telecom
· CISCO Networking Academy at FEI TU Košice 
· New multimedia technologies and services for Slovak Telecom

Positions at the university:
· Deputy chief department 1986 - 1989 
· Vice-dean for international affairs 1992 - 1993
· Dean of the Faculty of Electr.Eng. and Informatics 1994 - 2000
· Vice-Rector for Information Technologies at the Technical university of Kosice 2000 -

Research area: 

Speech processing, data compression, coding and modulation, digital broadband communications and project management in information and communication technology field.

Curent PhD. students: 

Ing. Michal Mirilovič
Ing. Ján Papaj
Ing. Miroslav Baboľ
Ing. Gyongyike Gebeová


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