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Cyclic-Order Graph Algorithm

Cyclic-Order Graph Algorithm was introduced in the article: Š. Berežný, J. Buša Jr., and M. Staš, “Software solution of the algorithm of the cyclic-order graph,” Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 3–10, 2018.

On this page you can download its implementation. All software provided is licensed under MIT license.

C++ version

Clicking on this link you can download C++ version of the program. It was developed and tested in Linux environment (Fedora 26, 27) but should compile without problems also in other operating systems. To successfully compile the program you will need reasonably recent C++ compiler supporting C++11 standard, CMake and few libraries from Boost. After downloading attached zip file, unpack it and inside you will find file with steps necessary for compilation and running of the program.

MATLAB version

MATLAB version of the program comes in two files. Program contains program, that is able to run both on MATLAB and GNU Octave. Data contains data files necessary to have repeatability of the results. After unpacking both .zip files, one needs to launch MATLAB or GNU Octave and from within execute COGA.

COGA C++ v01 2018-03-1321.78 KB
COGA MATLAB program11.35 KB
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