Elis - Exchanges between lifelong education institutions staff

Project in the frame of Leonardo da Vinci Programme

Project address institutional, educational and sectoral needs in the area of life long education

Beneficiaries: vocational training programme planners, managers and developers (experts in the area of life-long education and vocational training

Project is focused:

to the aim "Making a European Area of lifelong learning a reality" which connects with European area of lifelong learning, processes, strategies and plans concerned with education, training, social components and policies through:

  • improving the skills and competences of people who are working in the area of continual education
  • improving the quality of continuing vocational training
  • promoting and reinforcing the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation, with a view to improving competitiveness
  • development of the Social Dialogue at European level
  • development new approaches to lifelong learning; the transnational dimension of the implementation of the employment guidelines, with a special emphasis on development of generic skills aimed at the new technologies and the environment
  • acquitance of new know-how and experiences related to the need of skill based on technical and organisational changes in organisations
  • reinforcing of cooperation between institutions of life-long education
  • to the application of ICT work based learning (WBL)
  • to the cooperation with industrial and public sector
  • to the develpment of study programme and training methods for customisation (tayloring contents and aims of project accordance the customer needs)

Wider impact of the project:
Approximation of the mission and aims of life-long learning centres in Slovak republic with european countries related to the new university law or amendment of life-long education The aim of this project is to promote broad and intensive cooperation between institutions at all levels of networking in this countries, and to realize the intelectual potential through the exchanges of participants of this project. It supports the intelectual mobility of know-how and experience, imparticular through the development of open and distance education and learning at alll levels of education. This programme help to promote common elements across national systems and is opportunity for opening the training institutions to the outside world" and providing a cadre of young professionals with international experience.

Through this project will be available:
European Union Countries management systems of vocational life-long training implement to the systems of life-long learning centres in Slovakia.

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