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The Department of Engineering Education was established at Technical University Košice in 1992 as a successor of a former existing section. Its main objective has been to provide the courses for obtaining qualification to teach both:

  • current TUKE undergraduates – full-time form,

  • graduates of technical universities teaching technical subjects at secondary schools - part-time form.

In both forms students can acquire engineering education training here in addition to their engineering qualification. Main characteristics are the same in both full-time and part-time forms of the course. However, there are some differences in organisation due to the fact, that large amount of the part-time students is employed and we try to adapt the schedule to the needs and capabilities of students.

Curriculum of the course for obtaining qualification to teach is based on the appropriate national legislation and former IGIP (Internationale Gesellschaft fűr Ingenieurpädagogik, International Society for Engineering Education) curriculum. The course ends by writing a final work that examines some practical educational issues and by passing final exams in the core subjects, i.e. Pedagogy, Psychology and Didactics of technical subjects. Our students receive text-books for all core subjects and some additional materials are available on our website.

Curriculum of the course

Didactics of technical subject60
Technology of education20
Principles of biological development10
Secondary schools management20
Total quality management20
Practical training40

The Department of Engineering Education also organizes courses for teachers of our university. These courses are based on the IGIP engineering education model and curriculum (in 1997 the Department was approved by IGIP as an institution for the technical teacher training).

Since 1992 about 900 full-time and more than 1260 part-time students have passed the final examination for obtaining the qualification to teach technical subjects and about 270 teachers of TUKE have completed our engineering education course.

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