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RESEARCH  Study and reserach of professional language and its terminology directly linked to professional language tuition with its peculiarities is still a very topical area. The issue of methodology of foreign language tuition covers OPTIMIZATION of the tuition process and is related to the preparation of STUDY MATERIALS and TESTING, which is done by all the department teachers.

 CONFERENCES Since 2002 the Department of Languages has been organising international language conferences every other year.

OPTIMIZATION of the tuition and study programmes have been updated periodically:

after 2006              “Linguistic and methodological issues of tuition”(2nd stage)

Today, within the scope of the theoretical preparation of the quality tuition at the Department of Languages doctoral (PhD and PhDr) theses and other scientific research tackle the topical  issues such as:

  • information and communication technologies in professional language tuition

  • professional language from the didactic viewpoint

  • methodology of using various types of professional texts in tuition

  • sociolinguistics

- anglicisms in the language of science

- anglicisms from the sociolinguistic viewpoint

- lexis and ontogenesis of child’s speech

  • special terminology – health and safety at work, environment

  • onomasiological symmetry and asymmetry  etc.  

2004 – 2006       “Linguistic and methodological issues of tuition”(1st stage)

2001 – 2003       “Intensification and optimization of foreign language tuition at non-philological universities” (2nd stage)

1998 – 2000       “Intensification and optimization of foreign language tuition at non-philological universities” (1st stage)

1991 – 1993        - project aimed at effective tuition optimization

1986 – 1989       “Modernisation of the content, forms and methods of foreign language tuition at non-philological universities" - partial task within the scope of department plan

Preparation of STUDY MATERIALS

after 1998  - mainly within the scope of grant programmes - see PROJECTS  
1994 – 2000

- textbooks for part-time study as well as full-time study

1991 – 1993

 - terminological dictionaries, grammar reference books with the respective exercises

1986 – 1989 - complex of university textbooks (within the scope of “Modernisation of the content, forms and methods...“)  

1964 - 1977            


  - university textbooks of professional language (Russian, German, English, French) for the individual faculties  

 - Slovak language university textbooks for foreign students at the Technical College

after 1955  - internal publishing of professional texts in foreign languages  



CMC-E (2008-2009)

University meets Enterprises

Online course – Module 3

B. Czéreová, H. Mazurová  



VIC (2006 – 2008) 10 partners

Virtual Incubator – Creative Industrie

website, training for  starting enterpreneurs

G. Knutová,  B. Molnárová a J. Smreková  


EEE project (2008 – 2009) 5 partners

Book 6 English for Business 
(France, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Slovakia)

Ľ. Petríková, K. Paulová



TOURNEU (2008 – 2010) – coordinator of the project                  

Cultural and Economical Aspects of Incoming Tourism in the New Countries of EU (Slovakia, Eesti, Latvija)

J. Pavlovová, E. Bröstlová, K.Mihoková, R. Sorger, J. Smreková

multilateral blended learning German course in 3 moduls



EDORCO (2004 - 2007) - coordinator of the projects 

                        11     partners

E-Developing of Oral Competence for Power Engineering      

Specialists English and French on-line distance courses

                        G. Knutová,  B. Molnárová,  J. Smreková, J. Paučo   

AGROLANG (2004)  5 partners


V. Nemčoková, B. Molnárová, J. Bicáková, H. Semanová  


EU programme SOCRATES LINGUA 1 and 2

Euro IntegrELP (2004 - 2007) - 16 partners

Equal Chances to European Integration through the Use of the European Language Portfolio

networking, website, publishing, publishing and acreditation of the ELP for Adults

B. Czéreová, G. Knutová, B. Molnárová.  

CMC (2004 - 2007)  - 5 partners

Communicating in Multilingual Contexts

B. Czéreová, H. Mazurová, B. Sládečková   


CALL @ C & S (2004 - 2007) - 5 partners

Slovak and Czech online, A1, A2  

V. Nemčoková, J. Bicáková, H. Semanová  


ESPESIT (1999 – 2000)  5 partners TU (Komorová)

English for Environmental Studies 

English for Informational Technologies  

2 distance courses

B. Czéreová, G. Knutová, V. Nemčoková, B.  Sládečková, M. Kustrová,

B. Molnárová, J. Paučo  

PROQUA ( 1998 – 2000 )         TU (Timčák)

English for You  

P. Sorgerová, B. Czéreová, M. Kustrová, B.  Sládečková  


 - VEGA 2  (2005 – 2008)     borrowing foreign words and target language system

K. Mihoková, V. Nemčoková,

J. Pavlovová, R. Sorger

- VEGA 1 (2002 – 2004)       terminology and professional language

V. Nemčoková,  D. Oroszová


Testing requires an enormous amount of studying and creativity of which progression and results are monitored not only by the faculties but also by the general public. These activities have remained a part of scientific research of the Department of Languages:

  • our own methodology of test-making (various types  and versions) and its assessment (validity)

  • seeking ways of testing communicative skills of students

  • practical test-making – an ongoing task

in several versions, standardised for different languages:

  • entrance examinations (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts),

  • final and professional examinations in a language according to individual fields of study and specializations (at the Faculty of Economics and the study programme Geo-Tourism at the Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology in particular)

  • doctoral study - entrance exam 

1991 - 1993     - within the scope of the project aimed at effective tuition optimization (consolidation of assessment criteria and objectivization of testing)


26 - 27 June 2008 “Foreign Languages– Lifelong Challenge”  
22 - 23 June 2006  “Live-Work-Study with Foreign Languages in Europe"  
20 - 21 May 2004 “Foreign Languages Communicatively - Effectively- Competently"  
  4 -   7 Sept 2002  “Deutsch mit allen Sinnen”, SUNG