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Conditions for Admitting to Study in the Academic Year 2017/2018

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High technologies and high demands on the organization of air transport require that the quality of people working in the field of aviation was high. The Faculty of Aeronautics adopted for selected courses only candidates who meet the demanding medical and psychophysiological criteria. In all students the Faculty develops valuable working properties such as consistency, accuracy, reliability and moral and volitional qualities such as courage, honesty and perseverance. These qualities are valuable bonuses that students can take from the Faculty of Aeronautics into practice and their life. This has been verified, and many aviation experts prove that studying aviation issues and work in aviation provides the possibility of other human worldviews. And not just for flying personnel, but also for all those who work around aircraft, the security technology and airports. People working in aviation possess a piece of romance, desire to break away from the ground and look at the world of the third dimension. This inspires the desire to strive to be better and confirms the fact that mankind started to fly to the sky not by muscle power, but the power of knowledge!

Dear applicants, therefore, accept the invitation on board called
The Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University in Kosice
and take a successful and interesting flight with us! High-quality research and teaching staff, aviation traditions in Kosice and worldwide, the growing importance of aviation transport create more than only a perspective "runway" for your study and career in our country and abroad!

The Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University in Kosice was established in 2005. Despite the seemingly short period of its existence it has long experience in training both civilian and also military aviation experts and pilots, as the successor of Air Force Academy of General Milan Rastislav Stefanik in Kosice, is known in Europe and world as a renowned educational institution, has ensured university education for personnel for over 30 years. From history ....
The basic mission of the Faculty of Aeronautics is to provide, organize and ensure university education and implement creative scientific research in the areas of management and security of aviation, aerospace engineering, avionics and related issues.
These objectives are currently provided by six research and educational departments: Department of Avionics, Department of Aerodynamics and Simulations, Department of Aviation Engineering Department of Flight Training, Department of Aviation Technical Studies, and Department of Air Transport Management.
The Faculty of Aeronautics offers university education to aviation technical experts in the accredited study programs in all of its three degrees - bachelor, engineer and doctorate, while respecting the requirements of national and EU aviation legislation.
The Faculty of Aeronautics obtained a certificate of Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic for a competence to provide theoretical training of pilots and the certificate "The Organization for Maintenance Training under PART 147 - Theoretical Training", which authorizes it to prepare aviation technical personnel as required by the legislation of the European Union, which greatly expands the possibility of graduates to apply for a job in foreign countries.

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Technical University in Kosice
Faculty of Aeronautics

Rampová 7, 041 21 Košice
Study Administration Office: Tel: +421 55 602 6109
Dean's Office: Tel: +421 55 602 6102

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