Proceedings and Abstracts

The working language of the conference is English.

The Conference Proceedings will be published soon after the conference in the European Physical Journal (EPJ)Web of Conferences (you can find the proceedings here).

The contribution length will be: 12 pages for a plenary lecture and 6 pages for a contributed paper. All contributions will be passed through standard refereeing process.

Only LaTeX format will be acceptable. Please, download and unzip a zip-file containing sample LaTeX-file for the EPJ WoC paper preparation. You can rename the tex-file and use it to edit your paper using the webofc.cls LaTeX class. Please, follow the instructions and the text structure, e.g., the format of references, included in the sample tex-file. The file webofc-doc.pdf contains further more detailed information on using that class. For BibTeX users the bibliography style file wob.bst is included. Figures will be in the printed version in black and white, so check it yourself before the paper submission.

The deadline for the paper submission for the proceedings is July 17, 2015. Please, use your participant's account to upload necessary files. Do not forget to use the "save" button in the bottom to confirm your upload.

The book of abstracts will be part of the conference materials. The deadline for an abstract (one A5 page format) submission for the Book of Abstracts is June 15, 2015. Please, find and download the sample LaTeX-file for the abstract.