Second announcement

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Technical University, Košice, Slovakia

Institute of Experimental Physics SAS, Košice, Slovakia

University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik, Košice, Slovakia

IFIN-HH, Bucharest, Romania

This bulletin contains guidelines on scientific and practical topics concerning the conference.

Scientific Programme

Preliminary topics:

  • mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex physical and technical systems, computational chemistry, biology, and biophysics;
  • methods, software and computer complexes for experimental data processing;
  • computer algebra and quantum computing methods, algorithms and software;
  • distributed scientific computing and big data;
  • parallel and hybrid calculations, extra massive parallelism.

Plenary lectures (40 min.) are scheduled during the morning sessions. Two parallel sessions (except Wednesday) with short contributed talks (20 min.) will be held in the afternoons. Contributions to be given as talks will be selected by the Organizing Committee on the recommendation of the International Program Committee.

See the preliminary list of plenary lectures.

Conference Site

The site of the conference is the Academia congress centre (see photo), another hotel for accommodation is hotel Horizont, both in Stará Lesná located next door (cca 5 km) to the world-known mountain-ski and tourist resorts, the Starý Smokovec and the Tatranská Lomnica. Another beautiful resort within easy range is Skalnaté Pleso (1751 m a.s.l.) offering a glamorous trip from the Lomnické Sedlo (2200 m a.s.l.) down to Tatranská Lomnica (950 m a.s.l.).

Image of conference center

A basic description of the conference venue, which is situated in one of the most gorgeous parts of Slovakia can be found at the web-site of the High Tatra National Park.

Additional Information


The registration is available on the registration section. First you will create the participant's account, and next after login you will add more information using edit. Use your login/edit also for the abstract and the paper submission.

Conference Fee

See the conference fee information.

Social Program

See the social program information.


See the travel information.


See the visa information.

Please, contact us if you need any help (e.g., an official invitation letter).


See the proceedings section. The working language of the conference is English. Only LaTeX format is acceptable (not WORD).


The deadline for the registration is May 18, 2015. The online registration form is available at the conference site.

The deadline for an abstract (one A5 page format) submission for the Book of Abstracts is June 15, 2015. Please, download the sample LaTeX-file for the abstract.

The deadline for the contribution submission to the Conference Proceedings is July 17, 2015. Please, download and unzip the zip-file containing the sample LaTeX-file for the paper.

For all communication and information please use the Conference e-mail