Proceedings are Ready

Proceedings are ready!

On this page you can download a zip file containing copy of the first and the last pages, table of contents and a preface. In the first three lines of the file EPJ108_MMCP2015_00001p1.jpg (showing the preface) you can information necessary for citation of your article. Just replace the article number (00001) in both the first and the second lines by the number of your article, as it is given in the table of contents. So, e.g. for the last article (by Zlokazov et al.) these two lines will read:

EPJ Web of Conferences 108, 02049 (2016)
DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/201610802049

Page numbers would be in this case similar to the numbers in the preface: 02049.p-1, 02049.p-2, 02049.p-3, ...