The most convenient mean of transport in Slovakia is train (especially IC and EC trains). On the webpage you can find connections between all Slovak cities and the conference venue (GPS 49°9'5.66"N 20°17'13.64"E) Stará Lesná, and also from Schwechat, Wien, Austria, Praha; Czech Republic, and Budapest; Hungary. You may arrive to Poprad, and the organizers will take you to Stará Lesná.

From Vienna (Wien} airport, Austria it is reasonable to use bus to Bratislava, for bus schedule click here. From the bus station Bratislava Nivy (AS), please, take the troleybus 210 to the mainstation Bratislava, hlavná stanica and further continue by train to Poprad.

Timetable of the flights to/from the International Airport Poprad-Tatry is changed from 29 March 2015.

It is also possible to fly to the International Airport Košice and further continue by train to Poprad.

In case you need any help concerning arrival to conference, don't hesitate to contact conference organizers.