Internship Opportunities in the UK

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The European Student Placement Agency UK team has an urgent need for an intern, for Software Development InternshipWe would be grateful if you could share this great opportunity with your students, exchange students and ERASMUS+ grant holders.

Please click on the link and share the PDF with keen students:

Software Development 

Software Development Internship (TELDS2105)

This host company has made its success by developing world class telemetry and telematics devices for the remote management, surveillance and control of valuable assets such as unmanned telecommunications site, power generation equipment and other industrial machinery. They are part of an industrial electronics group with over £15M turnover and which employs 150 staff across UK.

To briefly remind, our service is completely free and interns receive benefits in the form of accommodations, paid utility fees and a commuter's travel. 

If your students are interested, please direct them to our website to register. Afterwards, they can contact or register on our websites ESPAUK.COM to begin the procedure. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and have a great week! 

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The ESPA team 

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