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Replacement jobs for J1s

Now when almost all the *W&T* students have arrived in the US, some of them may need replacements or options for getting extra hours.

We still have a number of employers in various states looking for additional help!

Here's just a short list of them:

*Hospitality in Tahoe City, CA*

*WAGE*: $13-$15 per hour depending on experience, additional wage for Supervisor role

*HOUSING*: Non provided

*Retailing in Cape May, NJ*

*WAGE*: *$10 to start, raised up to $11 per hour* *HOUSING COSTS:** $135 per week, including utilities (cable WiFi, washer and dryer, phone, etc.)*

*F&B in Keystone, SD**WAGE: *

$4.43 per hour plus tips for F&B; $9.25 and up, depending on experience, for Kitchen positions *HOUSING COSTS:* $10/day

Feel free to contact me in case you've got any questions!

Skype: ksenia.workabroadteam

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