J1 jobs for interns and W&T students

Jobs for Interns and W&T student

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Take a look at new openings for J1 participants!




Accounts Receivable Specialist in Juneau, AK

12 months
WAGE: 13 per hour


Logistics in Portsmouth, NH

18 months

Candidates from Eastern Europe and Russia

WAGE: 14 per hour

HOUSING: $800 per month per person


Business internship in Healey, AK

12 months

WAGE: 11 per hour

HOUSING: $15 per day per person


Culinary in a 5* hotel in Bridgehampton, NY

6-12 months

WAGE: 12 or 14 per hour ($14 if the intern finds an apartment on his/her own)

HOUSING: $25 per week per person




Housekeeper in Chatham, MA

2 girls

WAGE: 12 

HOUSING: $110-140 per week per person


Rental crew person, Sandwich, MA

2 boys

WAGE: 13 per hour


Hostess in Block Island, RI

2 girls

WAGE: 10 per hour

HOUSING: $150 per week per person


Bussers/runners in Block Island, RI

Boys and girls

WAGE: 10 per hour

HOUSING: $150 per week per person


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