Internship Opportunities for your students

My name is Maarja Heinsoo and I work for a placement agency for international students based in Bath, United Kingdom. We place students for an internship in the UK and Ireland.


Our services are totally FREE for all students and Universities. Our internship offers are unpaid but students receive benefits in the form of accommodation, paid utility fees and commuter travel during the entire internship period which are for a minimum duration of 6 Months.


I am contacting you today regarding IT related internship offers for your students. You can click on the link below to see the offer online.



Don’t hesitate to read through our internship offers and share it with your students. We have many more internships available in a lot of different sectors.


Would you also be interested in a phone call or a Skype session to discuss our service and how we could distribute our internship offers to your students?


Would you be interested in receiving similar internship opportunities in the future?


Thank you for your time, I wish you a great day.

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